Double Your Donation!

You know a charitable foundation is serious about humanitarian work when they offer a match grant AND also ask to remain anonymous. So you can only imagine how honored we were to be the recipient of such generosity when an LHI supporter and her foundation pledged a huge match grant to our Gather for Goats program.

What is a match grant, exactly? That means every dollar donated is MATCHED by another donor (in this case, a foundation). The match grant turns your $10 donation into $20. Your $150 donation becomes $300, which buys a whole goat! It’s the best 2-for-1 special you’ll ever come across, except maybe McDonald’s Egg McMuffins.


The match grant didn’t just come out of nowhere, however! Here’s the story, which I admittedly love sharing because it shows how crazy beneficial the goat program is!

A regular supporter of ours works for a charitable foundation that funds humanitarian projects around the world. While taking a holiday in Jordan earlier this year, she checked out our goat project — visiting recipient families, meeting their goats, drinking their milk and talking with them about how the goats benefit them.

After taking in all the facts and all the stories, her foundation offered us a match grant of $120,000. So, every dollar we raise up to $120,000 through our own efforts gets matched by them dollar for dollar. So $120,000 become $240,000! I think the amount offered proves how needed the program is right now for Syrian refugee families living in the desert of Jordan.

The only downside of this whole arrangement is not being able to thank [ANONYMOUS FOUNDATION] by name. Thank you to them, and thank you to all of you supporters out there!

Click here to support our Gather for Goats program before October 31, 2019, and your donation will be DOUBLED!