Lifting Hands International started in March, 2016 and grew from a handful of passionate people to a proper 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We've been able to achieve the following with minimal overhead and an incredible volunteer base: 

serres, greece program

  • Wonderful team of full-time volunteers and coordinators run the program for the benefit of 800 residents of Serres camp.

  • Center consists of 4 large structures 100 meters from the camp.

    • Education Center

    • Female-Friendly Space

    • Child-Friendly Space

    • Empowerment Space

  • Library of Arabic and English books with hundreds of titles.

  • Our dedicated volunteers teach English, German, guitar, singing, dancing, trauma-informed yoga to children, men, and women alike.

  • Education program trains refugee teachers to take on their own classes. We currently have 8 teens and adults teaching English and German to their peers.

  • Weekly distribution of fresh vegetables, dry food, and hygiene packs.

  • Quarterly clothing distribution.

  • Resident-run community vegetable and flower garden.

Gather for goats in jordan

  • We have purchased and distributed 800 milk-producing goats so far for Syrian refugees living in Jordan.

  • Partnered with Jordanian organization Jabal Zamzam to identify the most vulnerable families, conduct monthly check-ins with recipient families, and take sick goats for treatment.

humanitarian aid shipping PROGRAM

  • Our humanitarian aid warehouse in Utah collects, sorts, packs, and ships aid to refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Somalia, Bangladesh, and as of 2019, to families seeking asylum at our southern US border.

  • This program has hundreds of volunteers and supporters who donate school supplies, hygiene kits, clothing, and more.

  • Our partner organizations like Helping Hand for Relief and Development assesses need on the ground, and our hundreds of generous donors help meet it.

  • LHI team visited Helping Hand for Relief and Development in Amman, Jordan in March 2017. We visited several refugee camps and families that will benefit from our shipments.


  • Funded three shipping containers from groups in the UK to the Greek island of Lesvos and another from Denmark to Serbia.

  • We fund a refugee-run kitchen in one of the several Greek island detention centers for refugees who arrived after the EU/Turkey deal and are thus indefinitely stranded.

  • Provided 1,100 pair of boots for refugees stranded in Moria camp in Greece.

  • Provided 6,000 pair of men's underwear for refugees in the now-disbanded Calais "the Jungle" camp.

  • Provided 6 weeks worth of food for Lavrion camp.

  • Provided several week's worth of food for the "squats" (abandoned buildings where homeless refugees live) in Athens.

  • and MANY more, depending on funding and need.



  • We regularly partner with LDS-Charities, Human Relief Foundation, Helping Hand for Relief and Development (HHRD), Jabal Zamzam, Shropshire Music Foundation, Church World Service, and more.

  • We are grateful for many organizations and foundations who have provided us aid in Greece, such as Help Refugees, Mara Foundation, Carry the Future, and more.

Getting involved made me love refugees even more! And seeing the out pouring of donations from people helped me see that there are still good people out there!
— Kjera C., volunteer