Volunteer Thank You: Jesús Ramírez


We want to send a HUGE ¡muchas gracias! to Jesús Ramírez for several months of rockstar-level work at the LHI Refugee Center in Serres, Greece. Like the picture says, Jesús had quite a demanding role to fill as the Summer Child-Friendly Space facilitator (In other words, helping to manage dozens of young, restless children everyday for several weeks in relentless heat!) You would never know it was a more difficult role considering his always-positive attitude. 🙌🏼

Jesús is incredibly diplomatic, funny, kind, hard-working, and loads of fun. He kept both the team and also the kids of Serres camp in a constant state of sincere laughter. 😊

Jesús, we wish you the BEST of luck and success in your next role! Enjoy time with your family in Spain! You’ll need the rest for when you go out to change the world! 🌍

(NOTE: Why no pictures of him with kids if he worked for months with kids? Totally reasonable question!! We don’t post pictures of refugee children in Greece, per our photo policy that protects the identities of minors without written consent of their parents.)