The current refugee crisis is the biggest the world has seen since World War II. It is changing the world in major ways, and if it hasn't affected you already, it will.

We believe that everyone needs to be involved in alleviating the suffering of millions of people forced to leave home. There are so many simple ways to help. 

Don't agree with refugee work? There are sooo many charities for other issues that you can get involved with. 

WE DON'T DO POLITICS. There are 65 million refugees worldwide. Many are in the USA. They are normal people, just like you and me. They need help. Period.  



So, this is what we do and how you can help:

1. We send stuff to refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan that are the size of cities. Purchase off our Amazon wishlist. Or if you live in Utah, drop stuff off at our warehouse

2. We have a team of volunteers in a camp of Iraqi refugees in Northern Greece. We also fill emergency gaps in aid all over the country. There are 39 official camps, dozens unofficial. Find out more HERE

3. We furnish incoming refugee apartments in Phoenix, Arizona area. It actually helps them loads! Volunteer at our warehouse, donate household goods, or buy a household goods from our Phoenix Amazon list! For more info click here