Lifting Hands International is an impact-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clear and meaningful ways for you, your family, and your community to help refugees at home and abroad.

Our vision is to create a world where compassion transcends national, ethnic, religious, and political divides.

Since 2016, our dynamic and passionate team has responded to the ongoing refugee crisis by meeting the most immediate and vital needs of thousands of refugee families. With minimal overhead and a legion of volunteers, we fill gaps and rapidly adapt to conditions on the ground in ways larger organizations often can’t.

Our operational efficiency enables us to produce significant results:

  • LHI’s annual overhead expenditures have always remained below 10%

  • A worldwide team of volunteers dedicate more than 140,000 hours of service annually.

  • According to aid distribution reports, your support has enabled more than 250,000 refugees to receive critical aid from LHI since its founding in 2016.


Aid shipments to our southern border help families who are in the US legally petitioning for asylum after fleeing atrocities in their Central American home countries.

Our warehouse in American Fork, Utah collects, sorts, packs, and ships aid to refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Somalia, Bangladesh, and other areas of the world.

We distribute goats to Syrian refugee families in Jordan, who feed their children with goat milk and regaining hope as they start back down the path of economic security.


Our Refugee Center, located 100 meters from the Serres Refugee Camps in Greece, offers female- and child-friendly spaces, classes on language, fitness, music, and more.

On the Greek island of Chios, we partner with NGOs like the Chios People’s Kitchen to provide warm meals prepared by refugee chefs to vulnerable refugee populations.

Our Welcome program provides refugees in the US with resettlement assistance and basic supplies like appliances, helping them save their one-time stipend for other needs.




In September 2019, Hurricane Dorian ransacked the Bahamas causing widespread devastation. It was estimated that 70,000 people were displaced, and shelters were so full they were turning people away.

LHI mobilized our volunteers and donors to collect and ship a container of emergency aid supplies to those suffering through the crisis.



Thousands of refugees are living in camps without electricity. Solar lights are essential for safety and allow for activity after the sun has gone down. In 2018, we personally distributed 3,000 solar lights to Yazidi refugees in Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

Refugees didn’t just escape a place. They had to escape a thousand memories until they’d put enough time and distance between them and their misery to wake to a better day.
— Nadia Hashimi, When the Moon is Low