Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through this section before emailing us, as we experience a high volume of messages. 

Q: How can you be sure that the aid will actually get to the people?
A: Four LHI team members travelled to Amman, Jordan in March 2017 to visit HHRD headquarters. We were blown away by the marvelous work they do. We visited several camps with them and witnessed true charity. We have absolute trust that they will distribute the aid that we collect to the people who need it the most. 

Q: Can youth groups collect items for you?
A: Yes! In fact, there are around 4 million refugees in Jordan and Lebanon alone. The more help collecting humanitarian aid the better! 

Q: I have some items that aren't on THE LIST that could be really useful to refugees in camps. What about glasses, toys, crocheting needles, etc?
A: We will not take items that are not on the list. The items on the list are 100% intentional, in order to fill gaps of need that they continuously have, and it is our mission to make sure we respond to those particular shortages. The list may change from time to time, but before that happens, we will let you know! 

Q: I'm running a donation drive for some items on the list. How should we box them?
A: Go ahead and drop the aid off in any size box or bag. The drop-off coordinator will then pack it into specialized boxes and label them with specific information. 

Q: I live in an area where there is no drop off point. How can I donate from my area? 
A: This is a relatively new project, so we don't yet have drop-off points in every area. We'd love you to help us find a new drop-off coordinator in your area. Please email to volunteer as a drop-off point. 

Q: You are based in Arizona. Are you allowed to operate a project in Utah?
A: We have official permission from the Utah Division of Consumer Protection to operate this project in Utah. 

Q: I live in another state and would love to start a collection. Can we fill a container for LHI in our state?
A: Unfortunately, no (or at least not yet). It takes a lot of time, funds, coordination, legal work, and all kinds of applications to start a project in a new state. Filling one container requires us to pack 800 medium-sized moving boxes! It's quite a lot for a community to pull together. 

Q: We'd like to help the refugees resettled in Utah, in addition to sending aid abroad. How can we do that?
A: So far in Utah, all we do is pack goods to be sent to camps; however, there are loads of ways to help refugees who have been resettled in Utah. These Federal resettlement agencies assist refugees in several areas. FYI, due to strict privacy and confidentiality laws, it is very hard to make direct contact with refugees without going through them!