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Hayley smith

Hayley Smith founded Lifting Hands International in 2016 after an eye-opening stint as an Arabic translator at Moria refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece. In 2009, Hayley earned a MA in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies. Hayley has spent extensive time in Morocco, Egypt, and Jordan. Hayley taught Arabic in Boston Public Schools and is so proud of her former students. She is an #ISpeakArabic campaign ambassador and encourages young people to pursue Arabic. Hayley is interested in literature, film, World War I history, and Stranger Things. 

Hayley enjoys speaking to big or small groups alike about the current refugee crisis. Her presentations offer personal insight and official information based on her experience on the ground.


walker frahm
chief operating officer

A PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Washington, Walker has extensive academic training and field experience pertaining to nonprofit management, organizational strategy, international humanitarian aid, and data analysis. In 2018, he expects to finish his doctoral dissertation, which is focused on nonprofits fighting corruption and human trafficking in Eastern Europe. Walker has an MA in Sociology from the University of Washington and a BA in Ethics, Politics, and Economics from Yale University. As often as possible, Walker spends time with his family reading novels out loud, hiking mountain peaks, or tossing a frisbee.



Molly has a degree in Spanish with a minor in social work from Northern Arizona University. A trained trauma-informed yoga teacher, Molly has a special passion for sharing the healing benefits of yoga with refugees and genocide survivors. Molly’s experience establishing group homes in the USA for special needs adults prepared her for the unique challenges of refugee work. She has also traveled widely, from bicycling across the Republic of Georgia to hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail. She and her husband Kyle have been working with refugees in Europe and the Middle East since 2015.


Kyle is a jack of all trades. He has a background in working with special needs adults, a degree in IT, strong people skills, and several years of international living under his belt. His flexibility and vast knowledge base makes him incredibly useful in any situation. He and his wife Molly have been working with refugees in Europe and the Middle East for the past 3 years.

Information on additional staff and Board of Directors coming soon.