All photography provided by Shannon Ashton

We are witnessing the worst refugee crisis since World War II.
You can make a difference. 


It doesn't matter if you live in Arizona or Alaska-- we have several simple ways to help newly arrived refugees feel safe and welcome to the Phoenix Valley after being displaced for years.

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We fill shipping containers of humanitarian aid that gets shipped to refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan. Drop donations off or buy an item or two off of our wishlists and it ships straight to us.  

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donate a goat

Buy a goat for a Syrian refugee family through our #GatherForGoats campaign. Goats provide both a sustainable source of food and also ownership -- neither of which refugees have had in years.

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join our volunteer
team in greece

LHI's has team of dedicated volunteers in one of the three dozen refugee camps in Greece. This camp houses 400+ Iraqi Yazidis, all of whom are survivors of genocide.  

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