A little teapot thank you!

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A few years ago, some residents of Serres camp came to us with a humble request: one teapot per family. Families were using discarded tins to boil water over a fire, and people were getting burned. They told us that they would understand if we couldn’t provide them, since teapots aren’t considered essential aid. So we came to you for help, and within a day, you donated enough funds to buy each family a teapot. 

Two and a half years later, they still use their teapots. They will often bring tea to the LHI Refugee Center from the camp, specifically to LHI volunteers as a token of gratitude and hospitality, something so important in their culture. 

On behalf of the several families of Serres camp, thank you for your continued support. 

Please consider donating to our general fund to continue meeting the essential needs of the residents of Serres camp. Even a donation of $10 will purchase dry food for a family for a week, a pack of diapers, or a few pair of underwear and socks. Every dollar counts! https://donorbox.org/greece-camp-support