Life story by Sami, Yazidi resident of Serres camp

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Sami is 19 and consistently attends English classes. He wrote this story in English! Sami also regularly volunteers for us at the Child-Friendly Space and teaches them English! He is such a kind young man who has experienced so much hardship for someone so young, yet is so resilient.

My Life by Sami

My name is Sami, I’m from Iraq. I was born in 1998 in a village called Khusory. I have two brothers and five sisters.

I was a student in high school and finished in 2015. I had a shop until 2014 because we lived there.

We had to go to the mountain where we lived for 7 days because we had a war. After 7 days we walked the mountain until Syria. 12 hours we walked until we arrived in Syria. After we went to Kurdistan.

After I arrived in Kurdistan I went to a camp. I was there two years. Then I came here.

I’d like it to always be sunny because I dislike the cold. In my future I’d like to complete my studies and have work and always stay in one country.

I’d like to be a football player but I think it’s impossible. 
I’d like to go to the UK to visit and be free in my life. 

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