Volunteer Spotlight: Kristina, Utah Program

Kristina is amazing! She is a Utah drop off location volunteer and a warehouse supervisor. She is a great leader and problem solver and a huge help to us at the warehouse. She is positive and encouraging and always smiling. She and her family members are our experts at packing the container full, and often when we show up to meet someone dropping off donations at the warehouse, we will find Kristina's family there working on a project at the warehouse to help us get caught up! We are so grateful to Kristina and her family for all of their tremendous support.


Tell us a little about yourself:
My name is Kristina Brockbank.  I graduated from BYU many years ago with a teaching degree in Elementary Education but most of my married life has been spent moving around the country with my husband who was in the Army and our five wonderful children. Our family has called Pleasant Grove, Utah home for almost 10 years now. We love spending time together playing games and exploring new places.

How did you get involved with LHI?
In August 2018 when all of my kids went back to school I had a need to find something good to do with my time. I looked on JustServe and saw something about Lifting Hands and sent Traci an email asking how I could help. She quickly responded that they needed a Tuesday warehouse supervisor. I had no idea what that meant but I showed up at the warehouse the next week and haven’t missed many weeks since then. Though it is a warehouse with cement floors and metal walls, there is a special feeling there that keeps me coming back. Our home is now a drop off location for donations too. It has been a blessing for our entire family to be involved in such a great organization.

What has been your most rewarding experience volunteering for LHI?
This past holiday season was especially rewarding as we welcomed multiple donation drop offs each day at our home. We have been humbled as a family to see the goodness in people. From the people who have organized neighborhood drives to classroom parties that involved putting together kits, to families who dropped off carloads of food kits they did for family get-togethers, to the teenage girl who stood on my front porch offering the beautiful blanket she had tied all by herself, we have been overwhelmed by the huge hearts and selfless souls who give to people they will never know. 

I have loved meeting volunteers who come to the warehouse too. We have seen young adults, retired couples, high school students who come on their lunch break, businesses who give up holiday dinner parties to come give of their time instead, youth groups, college students, and so many more who just want to help any way they can. 

I feel blessed to be a small part of such an incredible organization. Thank you Lifting Hands for all you do to help people around the world and those of us here who gain so much from giving what little we can.

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