Thank you, Constance!

Constance 3.jpeg

We'd like to share a massive, deafening shoutout to Constance for her several months as the Child-Friendly Space manager at the LHI Refugee Center in Serres, Greece! While we’re sad to see her go, we’re excited to see how she will make the world a better place in the humanitarian realm. Her many months of dedicated experience in the field will only make her future in humanitarian sector even brighter.

The role of managing the Child-Friendly Space is a challenging one. Constance ran meetings, planned activities, managed volunteers and facilitators, helped establish a culture of respect and order in the space, etc. But that’s not all she did -- Imagine taking on that role, knowing that the Child Friendly Space project was new, requiring a lot of growth and development. Thanks to her tireless efforts and a small army of facilitators, the space is now very established, with several dozen children coming for daily fun and enriching activities.

On a personal note, we will miss Constance’s infectious laugh, loving heart, brilliant mind, great taste in music, and ability to spot a fellow Frenchman from afar! It’s fair to say that everyone is much better off because of her gentle soul and sweet, considerate nature. Constance, we so appreciate you!

GOOD LUCK, Constance!