LHI Refugee Center in Serres, Greece

LHI's Refugee Center is a buzzing give of education and healing, located 100 meters from Serres refugee camp. We also teach daily classes on a range of subjects: English, German, dance, yoga, fitness, piano, guitar, and more. We also provide regular food, hygiene, and clothing distribution. And we host social events such as movie nights, talent shows, and weekly parties marked by traditional Yazidi dancing and singing.


The Population

For the time being, all residents of Serres refugee camp are Yazidi, an ethnic-religious minority from the Sinjar region of Kurdistan (technically Northern Iraq). They speak Kurmanji, a distinct dialect of Kurdish, and are a tight-knit community with an internal caste-system. They are kind and hospitable.

In August 2014, ISIS unexpectedly invaded Sinjar. Within weeks, they’d destroyed 80% of the regions infrastructure, executed thousands of men, and kidnapped an estimated 7,000 women and children, half of whom are still missing. The vast majority of Yazidis live in refugee camps in Kurdistan.

Psycho-Social Services


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