Every $10 you donate helps us deliver $100 – $150 of aid supplies to our southern border.

Will you donate humanitarian aid supplies to help meet the most urgent needs of families seeking asylum?

Aid shipments to our southern border help families who are in the US legally petitioning for asylum.

We’ve seen refugees around the world fleeing violence and instability in the hopes of finding peace and opportunity. Now we have a humanitarian crisis on our own border. This is our crisis and our turn to step up.

Join us today in helping to support shelters providing warm meals, hygiene supplies, and fresh clothing to tens of thousands of families seeking refuge from gang violence and political upheaval.

When asylum seekers arrive, they are held at detention centers and put through preliminary processing before being dropped off at various different locations along the border. There, generous nonprofit organizations and churches provide services including warm meals, showers, and a place to stay for a short time. This gives families time to figure out how to get where they are going, which is often to stay with relatives already living in the US. We have teamed up with Church World Service to vet and select six partner shelters to which we provide aid at the border.