We have worked closely with a local Jordanian charity to carefully select 400 of the most vulnerable families in the Al-Mafraq area of Northern Jordan. Each family will receive two Shami goats (the type of breed), which are known for prolific daily milk and often bearing twins.

  • Critical vitamins and nutrition for the children and elderly
  • Milk products such as butter and cheese.
  • Sell some of the product for a small source of income.
  • Sell, keep, or eat offspring
  • Use goat fur to create waterproof, wind-resistant protection from the elements
  • Lives 10-12 years


So far, we have purchased and distributed 576 goats. Our goal is 800. With your support, we will purchase and distribute several more over next several months. The goats are always vet-inspected and purchased from reputable Jordanian breeders. Jordan's economy is quite strong, so adult, milk-producing goats go for just under $300 each. 

LHI nor any of its partner orgs benefit financially from this campaign. All funds go towards purchasing the goat and minimal admin, such as gasoline for delivering hundreds of goats across a wide expanse. 

Will the goats get stolen? How will the goats eat? What if the goats get sick? Do the refugees even want goats? See our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Photos by Mike Walton. All photos of children taken with parent permission