Gather for Goats: Goats for Syrian Refugee Families

giving refugees exactly what they ask for


In Jordan, our Gather for Goats program is thriving. Since the start of the program in May 2017, we’ve distributed 800 goats to 400 Syrian families, with 900 baby goats born. The Syrian refugees who receive these goats are feeding their children with goat milk and regaining hope as they start back down the path of economic security



A lot of organizations make the mistake of going into the certain refugee areas with a specific expertise, when the population may not actually need that service. What we do is go in, assess actual need and fill that gap. In 2017, we spoke to several Syrian refugee families who live in unofficial camp in Northern Jordan. Their greatest need? Goats.

Goats provide a sustainable source of milk where there is virtually no access otherwise. Selling the products or offspring creates a micro-economy, giving refugees families the precious gift of autonomy. It restores their traditional livelihood, which they violently lost in Syria.


We partner with a local Jordanian organization who provide these families with basic necessities, such as drinking water and bulk dry food. They have identified several hundred families who will greatly benefit from the gift of goats. This org also visits the recipient families on a monthly basis to check on the health of the goats.

We, along with a goat expert from the University of Amman, are present at every goat distribution to inspect the goats and meet recipient families. It is a beautiful experience to witness dignity being restored to families.




We need your help in tapping interested individuals and communities who we may not otherwise hear about this project. Peer-to-peer fundraising is incredibly effective. We want to empower you to raise funds by throwing goat parties, small dinners, picnics or even lemonade stands.

See an amazing example here.