Milk goats for Syrian families in Jordan


We have worked closely with a local Jordanian charity to carefully select 400 (so far) Syrian refugee families in the Al-Mafraq area of Northern Jordan. Each family receives two Shaami goats, a breed that produces daily milk, often bears twins and triplets, and lives longer than a decade. The goats provide:

  • Critical vitamins and nutrition for the children and elderly

  • Milk products, such as butter and cheese

  • Income from selling goat products and/or goat offspring

  • Offspring

  • 10-12 years of milk-production

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As of September 2018, we have purchased and distributed 800 goats to 400 families. Several hundred kids have been born to the goats.
The goats are always vet-inspected and purchased from reputable Jordanian breeders. Jordan's economy is quite strong, so young, milk-producing goats go for just under $300 each, with a small portion of that amount covering distribution costs, gasoline, truck driver payment, and time spent by our partner org prepping recipient families for their goats.

we hope to purchase and distribute several more over next several months. thank you for your donation.

Will the goats get stolen? How will the goats eat? What if the goats get sick? Do the refugees even want goats? See our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Photos by Mike Walton. All photos of children taken with parent permission