I used to cry and feel so helpless whenever I read about the refugees. The news is still emotional for me, but I am grateful to feel less helpless, knowing that my support of Lifting Hands International is making a real difference in the lives of the refugees.
— Erin R., volunteer

Gallery 1: Yazidis in Northern Greece

On August 3, 2014, The Islamic State (ISIS) invaded Sinjar, an area in Iraq where the religious minority called Yazidis have been living for millennia. Thousands were brutally murdered. Thousands more were kidnapped, the women sold into sexual slavery. The ones who were able to escape suffered starvation and dehydration in the dry and uninhabitable Sinjar mountain. Many died there. Read the UN's report on the genocide here. 

We are lucky to serve 500 survivors of that massacre who were fortunate enough to escape Iraq into Turkey, and from Turkey to Greece. They will eventually be granted asylum in the European Union, but the timeline is unknown and likely very long. These are the beautiful people of the Serres Camp in Greece, where LHI has a dedicated team of volunteers. As is typical in the humanitarian world, the people we try to help are the ones that end up blessing us.