After clicking on the “Continue” button on the previous page, you will on the Create Your Party registration form. On this page, you will fill out the following information:

Party Fundraising Goal

This goal is set by default to $300, the cost of one goat. Just think, only $300 to provide a refugee family with one one goat that will become the start of a small herd! Feel free to increase the goal if you think you can raise more.

Party Name

Here you can give your party or event a name. We recommend including your first and last name, so it is easy for your guests and supporters to find you event.

Write a Short Mission Statement for Your Party

There’s a default message here, but you can be creative and enter in your own mission statement!

Add a Detailed Description of Your Party

There’s a default message here, as well. You can replace it with details about your own party or event, but don’t include the address of your party/event location here, unless it is in a public space.

Event At

Here you can enter the date of your party or event.

Once you submit the information above, you will be able to customize the color scheme and images or videos for your event. Simply select your favorite color, upload a profile image, and as an optional step, you could upload an image or video that relates to your party or event.

Finally, after completing the previous step, you will be prompted to share your party or event on social media. A default message will be included, but you’re welcome to change it, if you like. Share with all of your friends and family and get them involved, too!

There is also an option to share your party or event via email to invite people you know. Just drop in their email addresses to use this feature. You can also share the following link, which goes to our Gather for Goats 2019 main fundraising page:

If you need further assistance, please contact Patrick Petro, development director for LHI, at:

patrick [at]