LHI Women's Space in Serres, Greece

We are always looking for volunteers for our women's space. Please email greecevolunteer@liftinghandsinternational.org for more information! 


In addition to the trauma of their past, women in a refugee setting often live chaotic and highly pressurised lives. For this reason we established the women's space for adult women and girls over the age of thirteen.

  • It is a place for them to put themselves first, regain confidence, build resilience and find new friends in an otherwise difficult environment.
  • Activities such as the regular ‘spa day’ remind women that they are beautiful and deserving of self-care.
  • Sewing workshops give them time to mend clothes whilst seeking support from other women.
  • Knitting days are a chance to engage in a familiar activity, reminding them of home as they create new things for the future.
  • Other workshops such as bracelet making, painting, gardening and crafting keep their hands and minds busy as they begin to feel supported in this new phase of their lives.