Q: My teen is looking to do a volunteer project. Can he/she do this?

A: YES! Eagle Scout candidates, National Honor Society applicants, youth seeking volunteer hours, etc. are all welcome to do this. Click here for more information. 


Q: I want to help, but I don't have anything to donate. How can I help?

A: We have a list of things you can do! Click here.

Q: Are there any household items you don't accept?

A: We do not accept large appliances, such a fridge, washer/dryer, stove, etc. We love countertop microwaves, but no over-stove microwaves, please. We do not accept clothing donations, mattresses, headboards, but we do love bunk bed frames, and twin and full frames. All items donated must be clean and gently used (no stains, rips, or tears). 

Q: We have started collecting from the list. There are some we can't seem to get donated to us! Do we have to buy them?

A: Possibly. We have a warehouse of community donated goods; however, the warehouse may not have that item. Oftentimes, friends and neighbors are willing to donate money to your drive, and this can be used for those goods.

Q: The couch we have has some rips and tears, but you can still sit on it. Is that okay?

A: This is the only couch the family will own for a very long time. It needs to be in good condition. If repairs can be made reasonably, please make them before the family arrives. Besides, we really want the apartment to be as welcoming as possible. 

Q: I've started collecting. When will I know exactly how many refugee family members to prepare for?

A: You will receive all of that information when you get assigned a family. We suggest that you collect 6 twin beddings sets and one full. Please donate any excess donations to our warehouse. 

Q: We've collected everything and are ready to go, so why haven't we been assigned a refugee apartment to set up yet?

A: Please make sure you contact and let them know you're ready. At that time, they will look at list of families that are arriving and try to find one that works for your schedule. 


Q: I am interested in setting up an apartment but don't have the time to collect items. How can I get involved in that? 

A: That's a really good question. Sign up here. 

Q: I would prefer to set up an apartment for a [insert specific country] family. Is that possible?

A: Nope, we can't pick and choose at all, mostly because we don't find out soon enough where families are coming from. We are dedicated to helping all refugees that have been approved to come to our Valley.

Q: Is it possibly to do a weekend setup because I work full time during the week?

A: Unfortunately, no. You could do an evening setup, find friends to set up during the week, or you can donate the items you collect to our warehouse on the Saturday. Occasionally, keys to apartments may become available on the weekend, but this happens approximately every four months. If you are able to store your donations for a long duration of time, then this could be a possibility.