Working with refugees- sitting with them in their homes, listening to their stories, doing small things to make their lives better- has filled my heart with gratitude and joy and filled my life with new friends.
— Sara F., volunteer

Welcome to the United States of America.

All photography provided by Shannon Ashton Photography

These are actual stories from refugees who have been resettled to the Phoenix Valley in the last few months. These people are now our neighbors, our coworkers, our classmates, our fellow citizens. 

4,000+ refugees are resettled in the Phoenix, Arizona area per year. They bring a lot more with them than a few time-worn bags. They bring memories, trauma, and a deep hope for their new lives. Our program gives them a boost to self-sufficiency.

What we do, in a nutshell

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We work closely with 3 of the 4 Federal resettlement agencies in Phoenix. They give us referrals to help refugee families in a specific way. We collect household goods and use them to set up apartments for refugee families. This model saves families a great deal of precious funds. It frees case workers up to actually do their jobs instead of shop around for furniture. It helps families feel at home after being displaced for years. 

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*Due to limited space, we do NOT accept any items that are not on this list. PLEASE do not offer to donate anything that is not on the list. We WILL [kindly] tell you no! 

Not your cup of tea? That's totally fine! It would be great if you could share our message and mission with your friends and family.

You can also volunteer for several other organizations in the Phoenix Valley that help refugees:

  • Welcome to America Project: They go in a few weeks after refugees arrive to provide physical and social support. 
  • Helping Hand for Relief and Development: They collect donations and ship to refugee camps abroad. We actually collaborate with them in Utah to do the exact same thing! 
  • Syrian Sweets Exchange: Grassroots movement to empower Syrian refugee women to earn a food prep license and sell their delicious sweets to the public. 
  • Refugee Women's Clinic: This organization helps refugees navigate the healthcare system in Arizona. It is run by a former refugee who has dedicated her entire life to this cause.