Place each kit in a useful container such as a laundry basket, new garbage can, backpack, etc. Make one or make fifty, we'll take 'em. If you aren’t able to make complete sets, that’s okay! Bring us what you have! While we take several types of kits, we only need these at this time:

  • TEEN BOY WELCOME KIT: Soccer ball, deodorant, body wash, comb, gum, beginning English reading book, journal, or spiral notebook and pen, and reusable water bottle

  • ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE KIT: Primer book, pens, pencils, flash cards, notebook, English picture book, and post it notes


Run some projects from the comfort of your own home. Bring them to our warehouse in Tempe when finished, and we will send the finished products with apartment setup teams. 

  • Make welcome cards

  • Make English Language picture books

  • Color welcome home signs (we send you the file, you print)

  • Make hijabs for Muslim women

  • Make head wraps for Sub-Saharan African women

  • Make baby blankets and burp cloths

  • Cross-stitch warm and welcoming patterns that are appropriate for nationalities and religions of refugees coming into our area. We provide patterns.