We welcome refugees to the United States of America.

Resettled refugees bring a lot more with them than a few time-worn bags. They bring memories, along with deep hope for their new lives. These are actual stories from refugees who have been resettled to the Phoenix Valley in the last few months. Just imagine:

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Your entire village was executed and bulldozed into a mass grave.

The police came and took your father. You never heard from him again. 

All of your children were born and grew up in a refugee camp.
They've never gone to school.

You can't talk about home because it is too painful. 

And now you're here. And the transition is tough. 

What we do, in a nutshell

We work closely with 3 of the 4 Federal resettlement agencies in Phoenix. We collect household goods and use them to set up apartments for refugee families. This model saves families a great deal of precious funds. It frees case workers up to actually do their jobs instead of shop around for furniture. It helps families feel at home after being displaced for years. 
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*Due to limited space, we do NOT accept any items that are not on this list. PLEASE do not offer to donate anything that is not on the list. We WILL [kindly] tell you no!